Connect – your way

Telehealth provides Virtual Care Clinics that offer Physicians, Nurses and other Healthcare Providers at anytime, anywhere for patients. Thanks to technological advancements, patients have access to the Virtual Care Clinic to obtain information and treatment that typically would require an appointment.

The medical field is continuously evolving….including the increase in technology related healthcare such as Telehealth.  Technology has improved patient diagnosis, treatment and now even routine appointments.

Telehealth is accessible by phone, computer or any electronic device with access to the internet. This is the method in which medical information is relayed from the patient directly to the Physician for an individualized treatment plan to be implemented. If that plan requires medication, the Physician can then call the medication to your preferred Pharmacy, when medically necessary.

Often times, it is difficult for a Primary Care Physician to “squeeze” a patient in last minute. Telehealth offers the convenience of speaking directly with a Physician or Nurse, instead of taking an unnecessary trip to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room. This resulting in a more convenient, timely and cost effective method for patient care.