The best questions happen after you leaven an office or get off the phone...

When questions are forgotten most of us are guilty of saying “Well, Google… I come!”  Then, we diagnose ourselves with 12 other conditions (which is why they tell you to never Google your symptoms!)

Telehealth has several advantages. One that would be least expected is the general support the nurses and different specialists provide when things pop up. Patients often need someone to talk to and to reassure them regarding healthcare conditions whether acute or chronic. They answer questions….have  a genuine conversation with a real person without feeling like you’re being rushed along an assembly line.

Individuals that either forgot to ask or have chosen to avoid chatting with their primary care physician still have access to medical providers. Some patients feel more comfortable speaking to someone over the phone rather than in person. It’s almost like having your best friend just a call away….but you know if you call or email at 3am, they’re already awake and ready for you.

Telemedicine offers that access to Medical Providers readily available anytime to “chat” by phone or even email for almost every aspect of your health….physical or emotional.