Telehealth usage is on the rise because it is a convenient healthcare option. Healthcare providers began to implement Virtual Care to improve the quality of care for their patients. Telehealth benefits provide around the clock care for all patients.

We see a multitude of different patients including elderly who rely on family for transportation, patients that prefer not to drive in adverse weather conditions, individuals who work during business hours, some have deductibles they feel will “never be met” and they continue to pay for every visit out of pocket. A visit to the doctor’s office typically involves planning, time off work, children missing school and sitting in the clinic waiting to be seen.

  • Consultation by phone with Providers
  • Peace of mind around scheduling appointments
  • Reduced travel burden
  • Increased access to home bound patients
  • Availability to call/ email a provider to ask simple questions versus relaying a message through the answering service at the doctor’s office…..waiting for a call sometime today or tomorrow….more than likely be requested to make an appointment anyways

    Get healthier the easy way by using Telehealth to get treatment wherever you are.<