“It’s just like having a provider in your back pocket!”

Telehealth has a large variety of healthcare benefits….the list goes on and on. These individuals and families are members and have access to healthcare providers ANYTIME they need them. Let’s read a few reasons they’ve called……

“It’s baseball season! That means dragging our kids out and about for several hours at time for games. So, my luck would have it……we have 2 games left which is about 3 hours at the ballfield. Our youngest isn’t looking so hot and looks like he has poison ivy or something on his legs. I took him to the car and called the nurseline. We usually just tell them what’s going on over the phone but this time I wanted to show them. She referred us to the doctor who called back a few minutes later. They gave him an oral and prescription cream for the poison ivy. We ran to the pharmacy to grab the meds and came back. At least we got things rolling to hopefully save the rest of our weekend.”

Heather - Omaha, NE

“We were out of town on a family vacation. I had this cough that would just not go away….then it turned into a fever…OF COURSE on the first day of our 10 day vacation. Do I find the nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Room? If I wasn’t a member, that’s exactly what I would have done. Instead, I called the doctor directly because I (and my family) have UNLIMITED access to doctors….nurses….and prescription benefits ANYWHERE! I got a call from the doc. I told him my symptoms and he offered options…..then he looked at the Pharmacy closest to me. My antibiotic was sent there. I was able to start it that night and within a day or so I was at least feeling at least a little better.”

Misty - Chattanooga, TN

“So, we have 5 kids and my husband travels out of town a lot….our daughter has recurrent sinus infections. The doctor’s office is difficult to get an appointment last minute. She usually can’t wait until the appt because she’s miserable and we made a lot of Urgent Care trips. Do you know how hard it is to manage 5 kids for hours in the Urgent Care?? I had a friend that had this benefit from work. We signed up….it was worth a shot. Sure enough, we use it often.”

Shannon - Yuma, AZ
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