Prostate cancer

What is prostate cancer? Prostate cancer, usually refers to prostate adenocarcinoma, where adeno- means gland and carcinoma refers to uncontrolled growth of cells – so prostate cancer is a tumor or growth that originates in the prostate gland. Only males are born with a prostate, so this condition only affects males and not females. Typically, when there’s a prostate cancer it’s considered malignant, meaning that the tumor cells can metastasize, or invade and destroy surrounding tissues as well as tissues throughout the body.

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  1. Other facts
    Ar Gene length ,smaller is the cag repeats more the risk ie in afros this is the case
    Ar Gene mutation :self sustainnce of cell growth with Andro
    Prostate is know to cause osteoblastic metastasis

  2. Excellent description! Better than what the Urologist said. My husband is scheduled for an MRI fusion biopsy in Feb. Prostate MRI showed a PI-RADS 3 lesion in the peripheral zone and PI-RADS 2 in the Transitional Zone (BPH). Hoping that the Gleason Score is low!

  3. A PSA test in my early 50s caught early stage prostate cancer, treated by robotic surgery. It saved my life – it might save yours. If you're 50 or older, ask for a PSA test. It might save your life.

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  7. Many thanks, currently fighting this dreadful disease with Hormone Therapy, six bouts of Chemo, Brachytherapy and next Radiotherapy for 5 weeks – guys always make certain you are regularly checked – some patients I've met are only in their mid-forties and the youngest my cancer nurse tells me she has treated was just 29 years old.

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