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Hosperity Member Benefits

Members get access to exceptional care at anytime and from anywhere. Member benefits also include saving big on healthcare products and services from thousands of locations. You can use your member benefits from popular brands such as CVS, LabCorp, Quest, Target, Walgreen’s and more. Spend less money and get more healthcare with Hosperity.

Care Anytime, Anywhere

Hosperity is a new direction in Healthcare. Use your member benefits at anytime, from anywhere and for as many times as needed.

  • Telemedicine: Talk with Doctors who can write prescriptions when medically necessary

  • Counseling: Talk to licensed Counselors about family, work, substance abuse or whatever is on your mind
  • Patient Advocates: Get unbiased advice, navigate the health system and get healthcare resources from trained professionals
  • Nurseline™: Speak with Registered Nurses about medication administration and treatment options

  • + Access to more Healthcare Professionals: Easily access other Healthcare Professionals whenever needed

More Member Benefits…

Hosperity is always looking at ways of making healthcare more accessible and affordable. More member benefits include:

  • Prescription benefits: Save 10-85% on most prescriptions from 60,000 independent  as well as national retail pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and more.

  • Dental: Save 15-50% on most dental procedures including cleanings, X-rays, crown, root canals and more from more than 213,000 dental locations

  • Vision: Members save 10-60% on glasses, contacts, laser surgery and other vision procedures from 20,000 locations nationwide
  • Diabetes Supplies: Members get 60% off average retail prices, free shipping on all packages and an extra 15% on single order items
  • + More Medical Benefits: Member benefits include savings on lab tests, MRI/CT, medical equipment and more

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