For Members

What is Hosperity?

Hosperity provides telehealth care services that are available anytime, anywhere. Care is available anytime including weekends, holidays and even at 3am. Services are accessible whether you are at home, in the office and or when you are traveling to a new destination. Get the care you need, whenever you want, with Hosperity

Is my family included?

Yes. All of our services include your family at no additional charge. You can speak with a Physician today and a loved one can speak with a Nurse tomorrow without any additional costs. Hosperity can be used by you and your family for as many times as needed.

Is telemedicine available in all states?

Our healthcare services are available in all states. Board Certified Physicians are licensed to practice in your state and all reside in the USA.However, Hosperity is not available to KS, UT, VT or WA residents.

For Businesses

Do you offer other services that may benefit our business?

Yes, we offer several Healthcare related services for your business. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-779-4325 to learn more.

How many people can Hosperity provide services for?

We can provide healthcare services for businesses varying in size from 3 to 30,000+ employees/members.

How difficult is Hosperity to set up for our business?

We work with you closely to make this as easy as possible. Our contract is simple to review and turnaround time is typically less than 10 days.