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Hosperity provides community benefits online. Whether you are looking to find a provider or offer your services in the marketplace, Hosperity is there to help.

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Offer your wellness services online in the marketplace.

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Get a healthier business with online wellness programs.

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Community Benefits Online

Connect online from wherever you are.

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Community benefits are available from home, work or nearly anywhere else with most smartphones.

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Connect to community benefits during business hours, evenings, weekends or whenever it’s best for your schedule.

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Get community benefits from wherever you are.

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What is Hosperity?

Hosperity is a where members (patients, students, clients and others) connect to providers online. Our services are virtually available through a simple phone call, video session or messages. Whether you are at work or home, you can easily access Hosperity.

Is it really free to sign up?

It sure is. We believe that you should have as much information as possible. Signing up for free is an easy way to learn more about what Hosperity has to offer.

What type of services are there?

Hosperity provides access to most health and wellness services that can be provided online. This includes (but not limited to) counseling, life coaching, medical, nutrition and fitness services.

How are the services offered?

Health and wellness services are offered by individual appointments, group sessions as well as online programs. Providers and members are able to choose which option works best for them.

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