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Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

The multidisciplinary team of specialists at the Maimonides Breast Center collaborate to devise individualized treatment plans for our patients. Our breast cancer survivors share their powerful stories.

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  1. Oh my! You just made me cry! In a good way though! I would consider myself pretty close to God, he has blessed me with amazing things! I'm talking to him always! Everything you said is so right on! Thank you for these kind and encouraging words, you don't know how much I needed to read that! Thank you 😊

  2. My story with breast cancer is a unique one, My determination and working in accordance with my heart was key. I was diagnosed in September 2017 with stage 4 breast cancer with mets to the femur bone. I cried silently Day and Night because I wondered who will be there for my kids when I'm gone, I lost my husband 3 years ago and this also affected me a whole lot.
    Chemo was never an option as I had seen already what it did to my friend days before she gave up. Alternative and holistic medicine was my option. I had heard about the success stories of patient with cancer that got cured through alternative medicine from clinics and medicine in Mexico. I was able to get hold of a survivor and he told me about an herbalist he went to in Hidalgo, Mexico. We contacted via mail, over the phone and through skype. I showed him all my scans and blood work cause I wasn't having enough to fly over to Mexico. He prescribed and shipped some herbs for me that he called " Apollo oil and Tea" which I used for a period of 7 months. He also changed my diet and put me on his diet protocols for this period of time and prescribed some other supplements for me too. It was during this time my kids found out I had cancer because I had to change my diet.
    They were my wings through it all. Beating cancer is never an easy journey, friends and colleagues will never understand the pains and emotional battle you fight in this. It's been over a year now. MRI scan is clear no tumors and blood works came back normal. I have been " NED". Mu oncologist was stunned as he put an expiring date on my life and worst I refused Chemo. I am not saying conventional treatment is not good, cause I have also seen some success stories with it too. But my advice to whoever is reading this, follow your heart because that's the only way your spirit will work in accordance with whatsoever you choose. This is the contact information of the herbalist: [email protected]
    I have shared my own part with the world and I am at peace with myself. I know this will save someone

  3. This made me cry… I have so much anxiety about this health issue. Get your mammogram! I just had mammogram, came back questionable, then had a breast ultrasound, and going for 2 biopsies in both. I’m sooo nervous not only for the procedure but especially for that result after biopsy results, but know I’m spreading the word to help other women…thank you for helping other women in this video….

  4. My wife Anne of 24 years died of breast cancer at only 43.My 21 year old son Alex took his own life because he missed her too much. I remarried after 6 years to a younger woman to avoid more sorrow.Now we find she has breast cancer.I'm not giving up.Never give up folks. ❤️

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