Sometimes we all need support

Those of us with a child on the autism spectrum often times struggle within ourselves wondering if we’re doing things the “right way” in the parenting department. The prevalence of autism has increased dramatically but the growth of necessary interventions to help has fallen way behind.

  • Do you ever find yourself wondering if you responded the way you should have when he was throwing a fit in the store?

  • Do you ever feel guilty when you’re trying the conscious discipline method…..or any method because it doesn’t seem like you know how to communicate with him?

  • Do you ever just feel sad for him or for yourself….sad because you don’t know how to make things easier for him?

  • Do you feel sad because you don’t want him to feel alone….you want him to know you’re right there, even if that means sitting on the floor by him to give him the space he needs (even when you desperately just want to cradle him)

The information being shared will hopefully be brought to the attention of that one family that is struggling. What does this have to do with Telehealth you’re wondering? Tele-psychology does exist….I had no idea and I’m not really sure many do. Whether you utilize Telehealth as support for yourself….or for children. They are there to support all of us. Psychology and counseling services are all available. Appointment completely unnecessary, which in turn decreases the anxiety children who struggle with change may feel.

When a caregiver, such as myself, needs to work through a really rough week or seek that validation that you haven’t totally ruined your kid….being able to access this is very reassuring. No waiting for an appointment in 2 weeks. Typically by the time my appointment rolls around I have changed my mind and talked myself out of the appointment completely. There are parents that live in rural areas or may have a child that happens to be just as challenging as mine. We wake up every day with a schedule, routine and our day planned out. So, on those days where we need to mix up our routine to drive an hour away for an appt….we know there will be a rough patch to follow. While an online platform reduced travel costs and hardships and improved access for families in rural locations, it also enabled consultants to train parents to use ABA in certain situations, improving treatment at home and reducing stress among parents and their children. A lot of kids who are on the autism spectrum have significant problems with behavior. (Lindgren told ScienceDaily.) These kids may have trouble following directions, or have problems when there are changes in their schedule or routine. They also don’t always have good enough communication skills to be able to explain to someone why they’re getting upset or having a meltdown. This coaching is more than having a casual talk with families…It’s setting up a variety of situations in which problem behavior may occur, and helping parents find ways to address problems constructively, and to better understand why that behavior is occurring. For 90 percent of the kids we evaluate, we can find a social reason for what that child is doing. We, as parents, are grateful for the availability of support at home. It’s wonderful for those in rural communities….also to prevent unnecessary anxiety for our children who struggle with change.


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“How can we give support to others if we are unwilling to accept it for ourselves?”

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