Hosperity Care

Hosperity provides access to Doctors at anytime who can write prescriptions when medically necessary. Connect anywhere with licensed Counselors or other Healthcare Providers through our secure telehealth platform.  Get the care you need, whenever you want and from wherever you are with Hosperity.

  • Connect to Providers now

    Feel better faster by connecting with Doctors, Counselors and other Healthcare Professionals at anytime

  • Access care anywhere

    Connect with Healthcare Professionals through a secure telehealth platform at home, work or while you are on vacation

  • Care as many times as needed

    Like a gym membership (without the weights of course), get healthcare as many times as needed without extra fees

Healthcare Membership

Hosperity healthcare membership is not insurance or traditional healthcare. Our healthcare membership provides care when you need it without consultation fees or additional costs. Hosperity provides care as many times as needed without additional fees.

  • Family is included

    Healthcare membership provides 24×7 access to care for you and your family

  • Multi-disciplinary panel of Providers

    Talk with a Doctor, call a nurse, speak with a Counselor and connect with other Healthcare Providers

  • >70% of conditions are treatable

    Telemedicine is able to treat more than 70 percent of conditions that most go to Urgent Care for

Telehealth Program Guide

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Telehealth Programs and Solutions